June 28, 2017

Hvtvm Cehecares:
My Unforgettable Weekend with New Friends from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation

"During the weekend of October 15 and 16, I was privileged to travel with Oxford’s Muscogee (Creek) Nation guests to Etowah State Park in Cartersville, Georgia. I felt an array of emotions, but was mostly honored that complete strangers would allow me to spend time and get an intimate glimpse into their culture."
June 28, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Mack Green

"Mack Green was born in Canton, Georgia in 1936 and lived there until he was 45 when he moved to Oxford to marry his current wife. During his childhood in Canton, Green learned how to play baseball, golf, and basketball."
June 28, 2017

Patriotism: A Story of New Beginnings

"To Jenny Grizzard, patriotism means new beginnings. It means equal rights. It means doing your best for your country. It means letting your voice be heard. It means following your dreams, bringing people together, and appreciating the opportunities given to you. It means having a safe future, changing people’s lives, and being grateful. And last, but not least, standing side by side your four-year-old daughter saying the Pledge of Allegiance in tandem."
April 11, 2017
Portrait of Oxford High School student Abby McDow holding her instrument

Bright Sound. Bright Mind.

“Abby McDow is unique. She has what Martin Luther King would characterize as the goal of true education: intelligence plus character. She is artistic. She loves Walt Disney. She is humble. She has a knack for test taking. She ranks among the nation’s top one percent academically. She makes heads turn with her companion, a baritone horn (a nine-foot brass tube that looks like a tuba but sounds like a trombone). And she credits her success to her faith, family, and a hiking trip 'gone bad.'”