August 29, 2017

Making Dreams Come True

"Little girls often dream of growing up to become princesses. They dream of beautiful flowing gowns, magnificent castles, all of the magic that could happen, and sometimes even a knight in shining armor. When a group of girls from Oxford grew up, they got to fulfill their dream of being princesses, and not just any princesses, but princesses with a purpose."
July 28, 2017

Alton Craft Leads Oxford into a Bright Future

"New Mayor Alton Craft intends to build on successes in which Oxford grew from a town of 6,000 to a city of 24,000 under previous Mayor Leon Smith."
June 28, 2017

Take Care of Your Fellow Man

“Beck wanted to do his share in protecting the United States and the nation’s interests, but also of other countries around the world. “It was just the thing boys did back then,” Beck said. 'I joined the Marines because I knew they would not leave anyone behind. If you are wounded in front of your lines, they are going to bring you back with them. The Marines taught us the true meaning of respect and how you should respect, look out for, and take care of your fellow man.‘”
June 28, 2017

The Trail to Eagle

"A young man’s commitment to honoring his grandmother and the current residents at Golden Living Nursing Home has resulted in a set of beautiful flower beds and earned him the Boy Scouts of America’s highest advancement rank of Eagle Scout."