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Oxford City Limits

June 4, 2018
Historic Main Street Oxford
June 6, 2018

There’s no place like Oxford—and no one brings the city to life like you!

Here are some of our favorite entries from the “Oxford City Limits” contest we sponsored in collaboration with J C Morgan Art Gallery.

Oxford - Ken Barrett
Meadowbrook Baptist Church - Kori Henderson
Mountain Dog - Trina Barrett
Lake Fountain - Trina Barrett
Coldwater Bridge - Kellie Lawler



I live in Heflin, Alabama with my family, Josh Perry and my daughter Love Perry. I’m employed as a National Certified Pharmacy Technician at CVS Pharmacy in Jacksonville where I love helping people. My first love is photography and I hope to get the opportunity to do more and show the world through my lens. My daughter Lovie is the one that started my inspiration for doing what I love and continuing to capture memories and photographs every day, so that one day when she grows up she will learn to do what she dreams of doing and make it her reality!


I am an OCD Project Manager for a local automobile manufacturer, and my husband is owner of a belove, local franchise of coin laundrys (shameless plug for Washin Coin Laundrys). One day we decided we simply did not have enough to do. Together, with my artistic genius and Ken’s laser-like focus (ok, it’s more like ADHD as a group sport), we blindly stepped into the world of photography! We immediately started buying equipment we had no idea how to use. (Well, I did, because I like accessories!) Three years and 10,000+ pictures later, we don’t stink as photographers. Life is chaotic, but we are enjoying a little quiet time with our cameras and hope to someday finance our love of travel through photography. Or maybe just our love of local craft beers.


I was very passionate about art in my youth and developed my skills at my high school in Baltimore, MD which provided an extensive elective art program. At Brown University, I played Division I Lacrosse, and my focus shifted to sports and my studies which didn’t leave time for much else. I left Providence in 1999 with a BA in Psychology and with a great man who later became my husband. Work has moved us around often and landed our family in the Anniston/Oxford area five years ago. As busy as we’ve been over the years, adding children into the mix along the way, something was always missing. It was only recently that I recommitted myself to the creative path, working mainly on graphite drawings and acrylic abstracts. I look forward to sharing my art with our community.


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