June 28, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Mack Green

"Mack Green was born in Canton, Georgia in 1936 and lived there until he was 45 when he moved to Oxford to marry his current wife. During his childhood in Canton, Green learned how to play baseball, golf, and basketball."
June 28, 2017

Aviation Support Unit

"Law enforcement agencies are always looking for new and better ways of serving the community. We are always exploring ways to enhance our resources, and, throughout the past few years, I believe we have accomplished that. Innovative ideas are brought about because a need exists."
June 28, 2017

Patriotism: A Story of New Beginnings

"To Jenny Grizzard, patriotism means new beginnings. It means equal rights. It means doing your best for your country. It means letting your voice be heard. It means following your dreams, bringing people together, and appreciating the opportunities given to you. It means having a safe future, changing people’s lives, and being grateful. And last, but not least, standing side by side your four-year-old daughter saying the Pledge of Allegiance in tandem."
June 10, 2017

Oxford History

"The earliest record of a hotel in Oxford dates to 1858 under the ownership of John Spencer. Records and photos of the establishment are few and far between: much documentation is credited from The Jacksonville Republican and The Anniston Star newspapers.